Capitol Analysis Group has developed the Lab Transparency Project to assist our industry in moving beyond the current dysfunctional state that we have found ourselves in.

Starting in January of 2018 we gathered together a small team of specialists, including Dr. Jim MacRae of Straight Line Analytics, to pour through the state’s traceability data to look for patterns of dysfunction and possible foul play. Particularly we are focusing in on the activity around the labs and how they are responding to market demands such as high potency. Dr. MacRae has found evidence of certain labs providing favorable numbers to certain producer/processors.

The Lab Transparency Project will publish unbiased summaries of lab data to assist in developing new lab standards and industry best practices to create a more fair testing environment for all stakeholders. It will also engage honest labs who will collaborate in third party auditing for a completely transparent process. Please follow this page for press releases and updates about our work.

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